This city shares the boundary with top places, hence it is highly connected to all the major cities and towns in the area around Banas Katha.Deesa has expanded significantly in recent times due to growth in the agricultural produce business of potatoes and other commodities. Many Rajput clans, like Gohil, Rathod, Raja, Galsar, etc., resided here after migration from Rajasthan. Deesa is both an agro and an industry-friendly city. It is well-known for its potato cultivation


      Chhatral INA is a town in the Gandhinagar district in the state of Gujarat, India. It is also authorized to build roads within the Census Town limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction. Chhatral is well linked to several other cities through roads and a national highway passes through the region, connecting it to the cities like Ahmedabad (38 km), Gandhinagar (22 km), Surat (300 km), and Vadodara (147 km) of the state.Keeping in mind the future of the industries and the development of the town, Chhatral overall fulfills the development desires of the manufacturers and industrialists. Major tube manufacturers have their manufacturing facilities in this area.


      Chandisar is well connected by road to several other cities in the state, and a national highway runs through the region, connecting it to cities such as Palanpur (15 km), Ahmedabad (156 km), Surat (418 km), and Vadodara (266 km).The economy of the village of Chandisar is expected to develop in the future as it comes under the GIDC. The people of Chandisar and other villages in Palanpur are largely engaged in agriculture, the dairy industry, the marble industry, and the diamond polishing sector, which are some of the most important contributors towards the economic growth and revenue generation of all the villages near Palanpur.


      According to the demographic situation, Balisana village is 2092.19 hectares in area, which is some of the most positive points about being part of GIDC. Balisana holds a population of about 10132 people, which is quite a good number.The economy and financial status of Balisana village are highly dependent on the agricultural and industrial setting in the nearby city of Patan. Agriculture and agro based industries are the backbone of the economy.Numerous categories of oil and gas exist in different parts of the villages that come under Patan GIDC, which are further classified into two classes as major and minor oil and gas.

    • An Industrious Tour to Patan

      Patan is a modern city in the Indian state of Gujarat. the economy and the financial status of Patan City are highly dependent on the agricultural and industrial sectors. Agriculture and agro-based industries are the backbones of the economy. The district has some small-scale industries that contribute to its economy to a great extent. Some of them are core industries like food processing, cotton-based textiles, paper and pulp industries, and vegetable oil mills.


      Bhat is a village in Daskroi  Taluka in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat State, Being centrally located, the chowk is surrounded by small shops such as vegetable shops, grocery stores, and clothing stores.Keeping in mind the agricultural stability and industrial growth of Bhat village, GIDC has planned a revolving plan for the entire development of the village.

    • Ambaji as a Cultural Heritage

      Ambaji is surrounded by the beauty of the Aravalli hills, which itself enhances the beauty of Ambaji. These hills are also called "mewat hills" locally as they run for 800 km in the northern direction across the Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi.create industrial estates, mark the main signature product if that area, and provide that GIDC with infrastructure support such as roads, drainage, electricity, water supply, street lights, and ready-to-occupy factory sheds. The infrastructure of certain estates has been built for specific industries.

    • Ughrojpurav - Mandal estate  

      Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) is planning to set up several industrial estates in Mandal taluka, which includes Ughrojpurav and, similarly, many other villages in Gujarat. The land acquisition will consist mainly of two talukas, Mandal and Detroj. The process of land acquisition for the project has already been started by the state government and is becoming successful with proper flow.


      Talod is also known for its industrial setups and manufacturing units under GIDC. Talod is emerging as the best hand in offering the best model of economic progress and development for the developing nation. Talod is significantly contributing to the state''''s economy.

    • Industrial Tour to Apparel Park (SEZ)

      Under the scheme of the government of India, the ''APPAREL PARK FOR EXPORTS’ was launched, which comes under the minister of textiles, and was launched to impart a focused thrust from the setting up of apparel manufacturing units of international standards at potential growth centers. Anyone can apply to Apparel Park, whether it''s an association or an entrepreneurial group.